Labyrinth Facade: Hong Kong's Imaginary Maze

Labyrinth Facade is a whimsical maze connecting Hong Kong's visual symbols. This mind map of "my Hong Kong” is an imaginary assemblage of bits and pieces that belong to Hong Kong’s visual identity. Hong Kong windows, air conditioning boxes, messy wiring, bamboo scaffolding, blue and white striped plastic fabric, narrow staircases, metal gates, banyan trees' roots growing through walls and concrete foundations are all ingredients of Hong Kong's visual uniqueness.

Curtain Call: Hong Kong on Stage


Curtain Call represents old Hong Kong theatrically appearing or fading behind a red velvet curtain. It is a celebration of Hong Kong’s urban scene and soul. Details that can be found in Hong Kong streets, back alleys, stairwells and facades are assembled and staged on this imaginary facade of a typical 1950/1960's Hong Kong building. The work is an homage to these elements, installations and details that are emblematic of the city's visual identity.