Animated collage on LCD screen, 4 minutes 14 seconds

Dark Alleys: Spotlight on Hong Kong's Back Alleys 

The Dark Alleys Series celebrates Hong Kong’s back alleys.

In an overly dense and compact urban environment, the narrow gaps and urban fractures are brought into the light.

Today, they are behind the scenes, dark, dirty and smelly. In this series, the rest of the city becomes a shallow decor and the dark alleys appear in whimsical tales. They are staged dramatically using theater imagery such as velvet curtains, smoke and spotlights. The red velvet curtains open and close on blurry visions of magical scenes.

Magic in the Dark Alleys (Excerpt) - 2018 (in collaboration with sound artist Kevin Chau/Gold Mountain)

Video (Digital animated montage with sound), 4"14' (5 Editions + 2AP)