Cliff Dwellings: Homage To Hong Kong‘s Urban & Natural Beauty

The Cliff Dwellings series uncovers the soul of Hong Kong’s unique environment that has ripening greenery within minutes of an urban jungle. The pieces — from pipes to trees to waterworks — tell a larger story about nature and its relationship to urbanity. The series is a tribute to Hong Kong's beauty and its fascinating contrasts and landscape diversity.

On her daily hikes, Daphné Mandel began to observe how man-made devices such as concrete stairs, waterworks, retaining walls, live organically within Hong Kong’s country parks. 

“(...) Mandel is an avid hiker and she found herself fascinated by the way manmade objects — tile picnic tables, concrete drainage channels, stone staircases — have been absorbed into the humid, mossy jungle of Hong Kong‘s country parks.” Christopher DeWolf (Zolima CityMag, Nov. 30, 2017).

The works are unified by a gently-saturated water-green shade. The color evokes the eroded concrete and stagnating reservoir water. The paper collages create a strangely harmonious atmosphere that reveals nature‘s decaying force and serenity.

"Fascinated with Hong Kong’s unique mash-up environment between an urban jungle and lush greenery, mixed media artist Daphné Mandel captures the juxtaposition of nature and urbanity. With her background and experience as an urban planner and landscape architect, Mandel’s works are quiet yet insight exploration of the city". Olivia Lai (Time Out, Nov. 30, 2017).